The Beverage Concept of the 21st Century

aboutIn 1949, Howard and Nettie Miles started a distribution business they named Miles Distributing Company. This business catered to the needs of the tavern industry, and to the booming, new casino industry that was developing in northern Nevada. In the early days, the Miles' manually bottled orange juice in their kitchen and developed certain formulas that are still used today. From these humble beginnings, the enterprise grew to a point where they built a small bottling operation. In 1963, Ernest Damon and three partners purchased the business from the Miles'.

In 1970, Ernest Damon became the sole stockholder of what was by then known as Damon Distributing Company. Doug Damon joined the senior Damon in 1972 . The market orientation of the company began to evolve toward beverage concentrates and dispensing equipment--at first in soft drink syrups, later in juice concentrates, now known as Fruitful® Juice.

The younger Damon purchased the company in 1977 and immediately joint ventured with Del Giffin the first B-I-B juice program. Giffin was the pioneer of cold-pack, shelf stable juice concentrates and Doug Damon's mentor in this field. This effort culminated in Damon Industries becoming the first manufacturer of juice concentrate to use bag in box packages. This progressive step was done two years before Coca-Cola and Pepsi's entry into the bag and box marketplace.

Today, Damon Industries distributes Fruitful® Juice products internationally and operates 3 production facilities in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Damon Industries continues to be the innovator of the industry and looks to a very bright and progressive future in this ever changing business.

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